Our role :-

We prepare children for the journey of life-long learning.
For such a sure start to be realized, a major aim of preschool education is to
support and foster the holistic development of the child.
This involves the nurturing and acceptance of young children’s spontaneous,
natural and varied responses to the wealth and richness of experiences
and opportunities the child is likely to encounter on the learning journey.

Our programs :-

A. Preschool:
    1. Nuts - (Brain Before Birth)  2. Sprouts - (Mother Toddler) 3. Seedlings - (Play Group/Pre-nursery) 
    4. Saplings - (Nursery)  5. Flowers - (Lower Kindergarten) 6. Fruits - (Upper Kindergarten)

B. Activity Center:
    1. Abacus Junior 2. Abacus Senior 3. Kalfun  4. Handwriting  5.Calligraphy  6. Phonics  7. Vedic Maths  8. Kids Memory  9. Rubik’s        Cube  10. Kids English

C. Brain Development:
Brain Gym  2. Multiple Intelligence Evaluation  3. Psychometric Test

D. E-Learning Software’s
    1. Preschool Learning Apps  2. State Board Software (1st to 12th, All Mediums)
    3. CBSE Board Software (1st to 12th, All Mediums)

E. Self Learning Software’s
    1. Spoken English  2. Vedic Maths  3. Learn Computer  4. Mnemonics  5. Phonetics for Kids  6. Maths Fun Learning
    7. Power of Subconscious Mind  8. Smart Mind Programming  9. Handwriting Improvement  10. Complete Vision System
    11. Solve Rubik’s Cube in 15 Minutes

F. Workshops
    1. Smart and Successful Parenting  2. Vedic Maths, Memory Techniques and Study Skills  3. Mind Power and Self Hypnosis
    4. Money Matrix and Secrets of Success  5. Brain Reprogramming  6. Yog Science and Meditation